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"We make environment, health and safty integral componants of all business processes that will impoact our products, services and operations worldwide."

Our Health & Safty Policy

EXCOM is committed to ensuring the safety, health and welfare of all its employees at work and others who may be affected by their work activities. We continually seek to improve health and safety performance throughout the company by the implementation of an efficient and effective health and safety management system and procedures as an essential part of the overall strategy for the development of the company.

Compliance with applicable health and safety legislation shall be the minimum standard and the company aims to achieve best practice in each location it operates from.The company shall provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, including safe work equipment and safe systems of work for all employees and shall provide such information, training and where necessary supervision to ensure their safety.

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Safty Policy
Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

EXCOM recognizes that all activities can impact on the environment both locally and globally and acknowledges the need for responsible action in this area. We operate as consultants to the built environment and we aim to minimize the environmental impacts of our business activities and influence those of organizations we work with to bring about positive change.

We aim to achieve this by complying all applicable environmental legislations, supporting our clients in their environmental and corporate responsibility activities, implementing measures to reduce our carbon footprint, procuring goods from sustainable sources wherever possible, and supporting environmental initiatives in the local communities where we operate.

We review the policy annually and strive for continuous improvement in our environmental performance.

Environmental Policy

QA/QC Policy

EXCOM is committed to provide services that meet clients specified requirements. We are totally committed to setting and achieving quality standards that are capable of meeting, in all respects, the specified requirements and reasonable expectations of our clients.

EXCOM has developed and maintains Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures that applies the requirement of BS ISO 9001:2008. This ensures that we provide and maintain a consistent high quality service to our clients. EXCOM QA/QC procedures also ensures that proper communication, work control and accountable records are generated for all work undertaken.

These policy procedures are communicated to all members of EXCOM staff who are charged with promoting these policies. Our Managing Director is responsible for monitoring and ensuring the correct and effective implementation of EXCOM QA/ QC procedures.

Environmental Policy

Our IT Capability

EXCOM operates with latest hardware and software systems expected of a modern office environment. We are compatible with those systems utilized by our clients and other stakeholders

Our staff are equipped with desktop or laptop computers depending on their working pattern. We employ specialist IT consultants to maintain our hardware, software and communications resources as well as maintaining a company wide network and system of computer servers to maintain, share and backup our electronic files.

We have plans to expand our IT capability by the adaption of latest industry specific software such as BIM, cost intelligence databases and proprietary CAD-compatible take-off/billing software. Highly IT literate EXCOM team is easily adaptable to the enhancements and developments we have in motion to improve the quality and consistency of our output to clients.

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